[RESOLVED] Natural scrolling has no effect

I can’t seem to get Natural Scrolling working. I have it enabled in Settings > Mouse & Trackpad, but the setting does not appear to do anything.

This is a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 install on an 11th gen Framework 13. I followed the guides at Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Installation on the Framework Laptop 13 - Framework Guides and I also followed the guide at https://github.com/FrameworkComputer/linux-docs/blob/main/Ubuntu22.04LTS-Manual-Setup-11thGen.md. I also have Gnome Tweaks installed.

So this is basically a stock system with the Framework guides applied. Everything works great except Natural Scrolling.

The scroll direction is killing me here, because I’m used to the Windows way where two finger scrolling on the trackpad would pull down the webpage. But it goes up instead.

Thoughts on this? It’s the last thing holding me back from a full Windows migration (FYI, I’m actually very experienced with Linux).

Oh, got it. There’s two Natural Scrolling settings, one for “mouse” and one for “trackpad”. I missed that :slight_smile:


Hi @Nixingit , glad you’ve found the right settings for the scrolling. marking this as solved :slight_smile:

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After it took soooo long to until it finally came, nobody expects it any more. </half joking>

FWIW, I just installed Ubuntu 23.10 and couldn’t get the traditional scrolling to work (spoiler: on the trackpad). I’ve used that scrolling direction since… '90? Anyway, I made the same mistake: I hadn’t figured out there were 2 distinct ‘scrolling’ settings and instead thought it was some Mantic issue. Things working well now :sunny: