[RESOLVED] Power on, no display output

Followed directions, powered on. Power light turns on, but display doesn’t, waited a looong time in case it was training memory (10 minutes). Display never turned on.

If I turn it on while the input cover is open, I see blinking red lights, but a Google search seems to imply that’s just indicating chassis intrusion? Help!

System: FW 13 DIY Ryzen, 2x 16gb 5600 sticks from framework.

You can try an external display with a boot medium that can do secure boot. So Fedora 39 beta boot stick for example. External display won’t show anything if the boot stops on an error message regarding boot, those seem to be shown only on the internal display if it is connected.

Reseated ram, problem solved


Nice to hear that it works now.

Can you edit the Headline as solved?