[RESOLVED] Rerouting package


I’ve not received my new mainboard yet, and the problem is there were delays with FedEX and now the expected date came from 18th to 21st and I have to take the train the 22nd for holidays. If there are another delays it might be a problem. So I asked support if rerouting is possible (or not) and they asked me to try to make a FedEx Delivery Manager. If I understand correctly, according to FedEx, only the shipper can change the address so I don’t understand how it helps since I’m the receiver not the shipper. I don’t know if support thought I was talking about sending my old mainboard. I read somewhere on the forum that Framework may not be able to reroute packages because of the type of contract they have with FedEx right? It feels to me the only solution is to delay if it arrives too late?

I have to precise I live in France, so rules might differ

I’m not sure if it differs in France, but when I log in to FedEx, I can request that they hold an incoming package at a FedEx or affiliated location. Then I go pick it up when it is convenient to do so.

I’d guess that is what support was referring to, and it’s definitely useful for these situations if you can do it.

I don’t see how they can know that the package sent by Framework will be received by me (despite my name ofc). I see only things to manage shipments that I make

I have to show an ID card when picking up the package, but it seems like they probably don’t offer this service in France (based on your experience and my brief browse around their en-fr site)

I’d get back to FW support and let them know that.

In my experience (USA), when I login to FedEx Delivery Manager, I am able to request holds and delivery time updates for (certain) shipments coming to me at my home address, in addition to managing what I have shipped myself. I signed up years ago, though, and I seem to recall that I may have had to do some kind of address verification to show that I really am the owner of my house. I am not sure, but they might have sent me a letter with a verification code, for that. If the post is relatively quick in France, you might be able to do something like that with the time you have remaining.

Seems like I will be delivered today finally! So not a problem anymore