[RESOLVED] Trackpad and fingerprint reader not working

Hi all!

I’m rocking a 11th gen Intel processor, running Windows 11 and have an issue with my trackpad, where it isn’t registering at all (despite latest drivers).

For context, I have 2 frameworks (11th gen and 13th gen, where the 13th gen is in the cooler master case, being treated as a desktop with an external keyboard and mouse). I decided I wanted to swap the storage and ram between the two and that’s when the issues occurred. On my 11th gen (before the swap), everything worked except the speakers (which I’m guessing was a driver issue somehow). After the swap, everything works except the trackpad and fingerprint reader (speakers now work).

I installed the latest drivers for 11th gen windows 11, but no resolution. I haven’t turned the 13th gen back on, until I can get this to work, just in case, since I’m a student.

Does anybody know of a way to fix this? All the connections are solid (and I re-seated them to be sure). Thanks

EDIT* For whatever reason, I had to install BIOS 3.19 BEFORE installing the drivers. This resolved both issues