I am trying to update my BIOS on my Framework 13 and I get the error “This platform does not support IHISI interface” any help would be greatly appreciated.

What gen do you have and what is your OS?

That message indicates you are attempting a BIOS Upgrade meant for a different generation framework laptop. You’ll need to check your CPU generation (Intel 11th, 12th, or 13th gen, or AMD 7000 series) and look for the corresponding BIOS Update (11th gen is currently 3.19, 12th gen is 3.06 (beta), and 13th gen and AMD have not had any BIOS Updates yet.) you can find more information here.

Also note that it can help to search your issue on the forums before posting a new thread. A quick search for “IHISI interface” brings up multiple posts with this information.


I just figured this out. I do have a 13th gen and I do now know that there is no BIOS update.


Going to mark this as resolved.

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