[RESOLVED] Very quiet audio coming from the headphone jack

Last weekend I gave a presentation at an event using my Framework laptop. Due to the setup of the room I used HDMI for the video, but I needed to use an audio jack to get the audio to the speakers, and the audio was so quiet we couldn’t get anything out of it.
I also tried a pair of wired headphones, and even at 100% I could barely hear anything.

Could my hardware be defective? Using a USB-C audio jack adapter gives a very clear and loud sound, so the headphones are not to blame.

I have the Intel i5 motherboard running Windows 10 using the latest drivers.

I’ve had this happen intermittently with the Tempo DAC. What fixes it is uninstalling and re-installing the the audio drivers:

  1. Start > Device Manager
  2. Under System devices, right-click High Definition Audio Controller and choose Uninstall device
  3. Click the Scan for hardware changes icon at the top:

The audio device should automatically re-install the drivers.


It worked @feesh , thanks for the help!

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Can confirm this solution also works on Intel 12th gen!
Thanks @feesh !

Not an owner of a Framework computer, but can confirm this worked on my 6-year-old 6th gen i5 box that developed the issue two years ago. Incredibly useful information for any Windows user with this issue @feesh , tysm!

Same issue, similar resolution on my HP laptop. The driver you need to reinstall is called “Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) Audio Controller”