[RESPONDED] 1TB expansion module is hot


I received my DIY FW13 AMD a few days ago, and I’m enjoying it so far! I just have one question regarding the 1TB expansion module : it’s quite hot to the touch, even if I do not use it at all. Is this an expected behavior?

  • FW 13 AMD 7640 DIY
  • 32GB RAM (from Framework), 1TB Nvme SSD (from Framework)
  • Linux Fedora 39
  • The 1TB expansion module is currently plugged into the left slot on the back (next to the display)


Yes they do run hot. In fact that’s proof that the thermal pad is working, conducting heat to the aluminum shell and using it as a heatsink.


You currently have the 1TB expansion module connected to slot 1 which is a USB4 port. Consider trying slot 2 or 4 (left and right closest to front of laptop) as these ports are USB3.2 which matches the USB spec for the 1TB module. Speed should be the same and maybe you’ll see slightly better heat results? Not sure, try it.

If the bottleneck is the drive I don’t see why a lower spec port would make any difference.

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Thanks for the answers. Any idea how it might impact battery life?
I’ve just tried plugging it on the left front port, but I can still feel heat coming out of the module, so I guess it has no impact.

Heat on its own, if your temps look okay, should be fine. Display brightness, WIFI/Bluetooth radio, etc, that would be factor with battery life. And of course, CPU heavy applications which can generate heat.