[RESPONDED] Affiliate program?

Is there or will there be an affiliate program that we could use in our Social media or YouTube videos to help send customers your way and fur to get a finders fee?

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I think such a program would negatively affect Framework’s reputation. I don’t think they want to ever be cast in a light as purchasing good reviews or impressions.


I think that’s a specious concern. Affiliate programs are pretty common these days, and I don’t see negative connotations attached to them. Key is to insist on transparency. Given that I think it could be positive, because I always find myself more comfortable with products that friends and acquaintances have spoken favorably about.

More general question to me is whether Framework has any plans or intentions of growing an ecosystem including channel partners, resellers and distributors, etc.


Doesn’t seem like it since they stated they weren’t interested in retail sales.

It depends on the nature of the content. And yes, transparency. If the FW laptop is the centerpiece of the content, like in a review, then it shouldn’t compensate creators. Paid “reviews” are nothing of the sort. If the content is related to the FW laptop like expansion cards or something to do with the ecosystem, then yes, an affiliate program could be appropriate. All my opinion of course but that’s how I see it.


I highly recommend Framework to not do this.

It’s a high risk low reward actions and has the potential to do permanent damange to a young company trying to set foot inside the big technology market.

The request is understandable, but if I had to have any say in it, it’s much to early to even start something like this.


We do not have an affiliate program available.