[RESPONDED] AMD - Hot while suspended in suspend-then-hibernate

While in the suspend phase of suspend-then-hibernate, my laptop gets hot. The fans don’t spin, and the power button LED pulses just like in suspend. It wakes from that suspend mode without any issue.

Running systemctl suspend does not have the same issue - it becomes cold and stays that way. In comparison, running systemctl suspend-then-hibernate makes the underside of the laptop hot at the vents. The behaviour is the same if I close the lid, which is setup in systemd-logind to run suspend-then-hibernate.

I’m on the beta 3.03 firmware, updating using the USB method, and fwupd and dmidecode both confirm that I’m on the latest version.

All other behaviour of suspend-then-hibernate works as long as I disable the wifi driver beforehand (I do this using a systemd hook) as in my other thread

As noted in the other thread, the behaviour where the laptop wakes every 5 minutes is also only present if using suspend-then-hibernate, so I presume there’s something going on when RTC interrupts are enabled or something along those lines.

Based on your other thread, looks like you’re on Arch.

It’s been a cold minute since I’ve done anything with suspend then hibernate (using Ubuntu LTS). Sounds like there could be relation to these two points, but I do not have the manpower to test the laptop against Arch right now.

I will point out that we have tested suspend only. You can check your logs for hibernation entries to see if anything stands out.

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Thanks Matt - I probably should chuck things in community support for arch stuff to help others, yeah?

I’ll do some testing and see if I can narrow down what’s going on, there’s an incredible article on troubleshooting linked from that wiki page that may be relevant. Regarding the links - the system isn’t hot during hibernate, only during the suspend portion of the suspend-then-hibernate flow. Potentially it’s not reaching as fully a low-power state as it could be during that particular suspend.

I’ll go through the troubleshooting process and see if I can nail down any drivers or anything that might be causing it.

This is going to be the best bet. The AMD hardware is very young and, it’s entirely possible this may be a ways out as we don’t test beyond suspend only.