[RESPONDED] Anyone else use autofs and noticing sleep issues as a result

This has been happening almost since i got my laptop, but i only recently realized they may be connected.

I use autofs to mount some network shares.

My observations:

  • There have been a couple times recently when i closed my laptop intending to put it to sleep, but it ended up making a sound (a Discord notification) some tens of minutes after the lid was closed, telling me that it wasnt fully asleep.
    • Semi-related, I sometimes pull my laptop out of my bag after 12-24 hours of not using it/not charging it, only to find it totally dead, maybe this helps explain why that happens
  • When I have been using autofs and go to shut down the laptop, i notice it takes longer to shut down than usual. Entering the text view from the logo view (i think by hitting esc) when shutting down seems to reveal that autofs is what takes up all this extra time. This seems like it might be a known issue

I’m mainly curious if anyone else has a similar usecase (autofs on ubuntu-like OSses - mine is Kubuntu 22.04- on 11th gen framework) and has also noticed this combination of symptoms.

While I cant yet prove it, I suspect autofs’s weird behavior with regard to shutdown and restart may also be preventing my computer from properly sleeping. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about how sleep works on laptops to know how to test this or where to find any debug logs that may be generated that can help properly diagnose this.

Hope this is helpful to someone!

On GNOME (Ubuntu 22.04.2), I have seen this behavior with samba shares when they are not unmounted before sleep or powering off in the past. I tend to avoid auto-mounting (cifs) Samba shares myself. I find NFS performs and behaves better in general.

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