[RESPONDED] ArchLinux with Ryzen7 Caps Lock blinking white

Hi Guys,

I successfully installed ArchLinux on my Framework 13 with a Ryzen 7 CPU. See below for my config.

From time to time but not systematically, at boot up, I get a black screen and my caps lock hey start blinking white. In this situation I can never get to the login screen.
The solution is to reboot the laptop and typically it does not happen twice in a row.

I looked at the kernel messages from the boot sequence and I could only see the following errors:

ucsi_acpi USBC000:00: UCSI_GET_PDOS failed (-70)
USBC000:00: ucsi_handle_connector_change: GET_CONNECTOR_STATUS failed (-5)
USBC000:00: possible UCSI driver bug 1
USBC000:00: ucsi_handle_connector_change: GET_CONNECTOR_STATUS failed (-22)

Can anybody help here? It is not blocking as quite often it does boot, but still not very pretty :laughing:.

Thanks for your help!

Its Kernel Panic because the Amdgpu crashed.
You can use linux 6.7 it fixed this problem for me


Or use the LTS kernel, it works fine as well.

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Welcome to the community, @Sebastien_Resimont!

We do not test against Arch due to resourcing, however, the suggestion by @F_Behrens is going to be the best bet here. If it still happens, test against a live USB of Fedora, to rule out a hardware fault.