[RESPONDED] Can the fwupd flatpak be used to update bios instead of snap?

The docs to update bios says to use snap. Can flatpak be used instead?

I imagine so since Fedora doesn’t normally come with snap but comes with Flatpak. It all points to the same fwupd servers anyways I would think.

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just be aware of the versioning, even minor numbers can have impact.


What version is needed so I can check?

Just as a note, fwupd doesn’t come as a flatpak, as flatpak doesn’t really support CLI applications well. However, you can probably use KDE Discover or GNOME Firmware to update your firmware as long as you have a recent enough version of fwupd.

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Is this not it Firmware?

Official Github:

Installing fwupd using Snap or using Flatpak might be useful to update a specific device on the command line that needs a bleeding edge fwupd version, but it should not be considered as a replacement to the distro-provided system version.

Huh, that’s fascinating, thanks! I checked flathub to double-check my assertion about it not being available, and it only showed GNOME Firmware (your first link). GNOME Firmware is (as far as I can tell) a GUI client fo fwupd, which might work slightly differently to fwupdmgr (though that would probably only be in advanced usage such as loading specific firmware files). I’m also glad to see that the sandboxing in the flatpak’s definition doesn’t have incredibly loose restrictions that essentially defeat the purpose of the sandbox (which has been a bit of a bugbear of mine about certain flatpaks for a while), doing it properly instead.