[RESPONDED] Cannot boot recent Fedora 38 Updates

New kernel updates (automatically installed) won’t boot. Upon selecting the new release in grub, I get a message like “Loading Linux 6.3.4-201.fc38.x86_64”, but it never progresses to “loading initial ramdisk”. I looked this up, and it seems the new releases enable something called “IBT support,” and the lack of NVIDIA support (?) effects newer intel chips, even without nvidia cards. I can only solve this by booting an older kernel or disabling IBT with grub config after each update. Is this just me? I would think this would happen to anyone running Fedora 38 on Intel 12th-gen, but I can’t find much in the forum other than some arch users fixing this a year ago. I do have a bit of a non-standard setup. I am dual-booted with Windows 11, and my Fedora partition is encrypted. Maybe my grub config was already borked?

have a look there pls: https://community.frame.work/t/psa-kernel-5-18-0-kernel-panic-on-arch/19067?u=s.h
Seems also to happen with 5.18.0 Kernel. IBT is involved.

Yes, this is what I was referring to. I am sorry I did not link it.

Hi, Trying to replicate this on on the 12th gen, have updated to latest, any tips on how I might get Linux 6.3.4-201.fc38.x86_64 ? still getting 6.2.9-300.fc38.x86_64 after installing latest updates.

@Loell_Framework Have you used gui or console for update ?
I had a problem recently where the gui(discover in my case, I’m running KDE-Spin) didn’t show any updates, where as the console updated 10+ packages.

P.S. I’m running on kernel 6.3.6-200.fc38.x86_64 (but 13th gen)

It’s available for me on Fedora 37 right now, maybe the repos haven’t updated yet.

As an aside, I experienced this on older Arch kernels that had IBT and it was solved with a kernel parameter.

I have had no such issues 6.3.6-200.fc38.x86_64 12th gen.

The problematic kernels on my system are:
I upgraded through the “software” GNOME app.

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