[RESPONDED] Can't install 12th gen BIOS 3.08

I can’t install 3.08 even though I have a 12th gen CPU and an out of date BIOS. I have 3.06 and tried looking for 3.07 to see if it’s a issue with installing them out of order, but all I can find is 3.06 and 3.08.

You should post this in the 3.08 BIOS thread. There is no 3.07 BIOS update. I believe Kieran linked an updated BIOS installer in an earlier comment which may fix your issue.

Ok, that worked. Thank you.
It would be a lot easier if there was a single web page that had everything and was updated first, but this is fine.

Glad to hear this worked out for you.

We do have such a thing, for non-beta releases. But for community beta, this is kept with the community until we roll it out to the masses.

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