[RESPONDED] Change lid close behaviour on XFCE/Debian?

I have my AMD FW13 running Debian with XFCE and it’s been going great, so far. The one major hiccup I haven’t been able to find a fix for is the lid close behavior. I want it so - if the lid is closed on battery, the device suspends, and if it’s closed while charging, the screen turns off but it continues running.

I can’t find any settings for this in the power management utility, and I’ve tried editing the relevant lines in logind.conf, but nothing changed. Commenting those lines back out and restarting, the laptop now always stays on with the lid closed, it seems like. I’ve seen people mention XFCEs own power management stuff can potentially get in the way there, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Have not tested this against Debian, so not entirely sure what would be causing this. If it was me, I’d try testing against an officially supported release. Doable with Fedora 39 and a LiveUSB.

Agree with @Matt_Hartley , confirm first with supported distros Ubuntu 22.04.4 Live or Fedora 39 Live, see if suspend when lid close is working.

If both works and you’d prefer XFCE, you may want to install it on top of these two distros, and check again if suspend lid close is working.

For your current setup (XFCE and Debian), you can get more clues by debugging, see first if lid close event is seen with XFCE

xfce4-power-manager --quit
xfce4-power-manager --no-daemon --debug

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Same here, Debian with XFCE running smooth on AMD FW13. I was also having some issues with lid closing and suspend mode and this fix worked for me:

The first line disables the open/close lid suspend mode and the second line disables the waking up with any keyboard press.

I’m a little confused - my problem is the lid not causing the device to suspend, if this disables that, wouldn’t nothing change?

For me closing the lid was actually suspending the computer, but somehow it would wake up right after or some time after. But indeed, with those 2 lines closing the lid does nothing anymore.

Try to create the file with just the second line, or with both lines changing the first to ATTR{power/wakeup}="enabled".