[RESPONDED] Chirpping sound when i log in

Hey everyone,

A couple of moths ago I purchased an Factory Seconds Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition 11th Gen Intel. I decided that since I have a regular PC rig for gaming and Film editing I would try my hand at Linux. I’m running Ubuntu everything is currently up to date.

I had notice after getting the laptop and setting everything up that sometimes…not all the time, but sometimes after starting it up and logging in the laptop begins chriping at me. Not forever just beep beep beep beep beep beep then it just stops. It’s just weird and I can’t find anything online or on the forums about it. Is it a BIOS setting, is there something wrong and the system is trying to let me know? I’m hoping someone on here knows what the deal is.

I have had zero issues with the laptop, it’s just that weird random startup/login chirping. I mainly use it for screenwriting and remoting in to may main rig using Moonlight to remote video edit or play games the Steam Deck can’t run (Steam Deck is the reason I decided to give Linux a try). I’ve gotten really quick with hitting the mute key when I’m in bed at 2am writing so I don’t wake my wife.

I love this thing I plan on getting my wife and my kid one and even possibly either getting the 16 or just upgrading this one to AMD (I prefer team red over team blue) but I would like to know what the beeping is. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not aware that the bios or mainboard chirps. Are you sure that Ubuntu isn’t chirping? Since the mute key shuts the sound off, this sounds like a Ubuntu thing, and not so much a Framework thing.

When you say you are running Ubuntu, could you please specify the version?

Hi yeah I wasn’t 100% on a bios issue but figured a Community post would be the quickest way to find what may be causing the issue. Maybe someone else has had this issue.

I am running Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS OS, OS type 64-bit, GNOME version 42.9, Windowing version Wayland.

Everything I’ve found online seems says it’s Ubuntu and the recommendation is to mute system sounds lol.

Hi @Sean_A ,

Did this made the chirping sound go away?

Yup sound stopped happening at startup. Still don’t know why it’s doing it…but out of sight out of mind lol.