[RESPONDED] Coreboot on the Framework Laptop

How can we support him?


That’s awesome,

Really glad to see progress in this area! I know this won’t be something that every framework customer looks for but this is a great step forward for those that do!


Good to see that someone is pushing to help get coreboot on framework laptops. Hopefully the 13 inch version too though. :slight_smile:

The 13" should be what he’s working on, since that’s the only hardware currently available, outside a couple prototypes. And also you can see the keyboard reflected in his screenshot, which looks like the 13".


I wonder if the Felix Singer is part of the framework team or is going to join the framework team.
I also wondered if a better privacy setup as in, removing webcam, microphone, disabling network stack from intel me, coreboot, etc… would be possible later.

Just my two cents tho.

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based on his quest for the unlocked bios image earlier, I dont think he was. not sure if he must join if he can contribute towards a coreboot image anyway.

The webcam and microphone are hardware disabled when you flip the switches (they are next to the webcam) or just unplug the ribbon cable/never install these. I wasnt aware of IntelME officially supporting the use of those former two. network stack I know, for remote management. probably possible to nuke the funtionality out of intel ME image with me_cleaner or the knowledge from it

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Well I hope that they could if he wanted to be a part of the team, would get hired. I don’t know for sure one way or the other, but it would be awesome to have coreboot be an option for this in the future. Same with intel me being disabled. I hadn’t known there were switches to disable webcam and microphone. I still though would like at least the webcam to be blocked off by default. Call me paranoid if you want, but I prefer it that way, even if I need to put some taped type thing there to block it. :wink:

As a last note, I prefer ath9k wifi cards, but I don’t think that will be a possibility in this, at least the foreseeable future if nothing else. I could be wrong about that, but yeah, if this is the case, I will probably prefer to do it a different way lol. I wonder how fast newer intel processors can compile a web browser compared to something very outdated like ivy bridge lol, including quad core. This is one reason I have some interest if nothing else.

Not as the default but you can always put one in yourself, I did and it’s been fine.

Some madlads actually produce m.2 ath9k wifi cards if you really want one. They are not cheap cause they are pretty boutique but they do exist.


You seem to be right, I found at least one website that sells them.

I looked to see what I might need for the DIY, seems I am looking at 1K even for the 11th gen processor version. No point yet tho, no coreboot support yet lol.

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Tangentially related: Since Pluton has been mentioned a few times in this thread, I just want to point out that Zen4 Threadripper actually lacks Pluton (supposedly Zen4 Epyc lacks it as well considering they use the same silicon):

(yes I am aware that, in terms of form-factor, Threadripper is quite literally the exact opposite of laptops)

This seems to suggest that Pluton may only be included on parts with a primarily Windows focus, which still makes me wonder if a theoretical Steam Deck 2 (not Steam Deck OLED) would similarly lack Pluton hardwae (not just disabled in firmware) and if other companies, e.g. Framework, would be able to use the same chip for their own products or if Valve would have an exclusivity agreement.

(it’s worth noting that the current Steam Deck chip supposedly was a generic design that AMD made that ended up not being used by any OEMs, at which point it’s rumored that Valve decided to step in and use it for cheap)

An upcoming talk could interest those following the coreboot development for the Framework laptops. Felix Singer will present a “corebooting Framework” status update at the Dasharo Developers vPub 0x9.

In his talk, Felix will discuss the current state of coreboot on the Framework laptop, addressing the challenges encountered and the progress made so far. He’ll also touch on the next steps for the project, including the release and validation process, and mention potential plans for official support.

This talk is a good opportunity for anyone interested in the technical details of coreboot on the Framework laptop and those who have been tracking its development. It’s a chance to hear directly from someone deeply involved in the project.

Felix’s insights could be quite informative for those keen on open-source firmware and the evolution of the Framework laptop. He also mentioned to me there is a chance that Framework Team members will join the discussion, so maybe we can get something first-hand.

Free and not mandatory tickets: Dasharo User Group #4 - Attendize.com


I’m interested, but can’t watch it live. Is anyone going to make it available on YouTube after the event?

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