[RESPONDED] Debian 12 Support

Could Debian 12 support be added it would be released soon and Ubuntu based on it i think it’s fair to be supported it got newer kernel newer driers and now the firmware included by default i think it’s good idea to be officially supported

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Ubuntu and Debian share roots, but differ a bit. We always provide community support for those unlisted distros.

All this means is we encourage you to use the distro you prefer, but when we troubleshoot in tickets, we’ll ask you to rule out distro/OS issues from hardware using Ubuntu or Fedora.

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@Matt_Hartley Thank you very much for your reply
I understand although it’s not in community support list … beside i tried Ubuntu it was very unstable specially after adding some of PPA i dare say it Debian testing was more stable than Ubuntu LTS there a lot of distros based on Debian beside Debian is as you said it’s considered the root for most of distros in this regrade
i understand that you can’t support every distro people want … you have to pick one i understand … i just trying to explain my argument fedora is rolling distro and Debian is the stable vanilla counterpart so i thought this would be more blancced choice even mint decided to make distro based on Debian (LMDE) because they were afraid of choices Canonical made so they thought about trying like back up plane they didn’t say it like that but that how i interpreted it . i know that most distroes would mostly work out of the box but the battery life if you could upstream custom solutions to kernel could to further enhance battery life that’s would be awesome instead of relaying on OEM Kernel Ubuntu uses … i didn’t tested but i think the battery life on Ubuntu would be better than fedora and that’s one of the main reasons that i suggested Debian is to make customisation to more vanila distro rather the ubunto by extend every disrtro that depen on Debian including ubunto so you have fedora vanila rolling release and Debian as more stable vanila distro although people may argue that custom power profiles is enough I think if you could make custom enhancement to the kernel and submit it to the source repo you could have better result i understand that it’s lengthy presses and may be you want to avoid this level of customisation in the main time it’s just my opinion and i thought to share it with you

i hope i didn’t annoy you with my response
Please forgive me for my bad English it’s not my native and lake of knowledge if i made any mistake

thank you for your awesome work

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Hi @Mina,

Happy to clarify for you. :slight_smile:

If you follow our recommendations carefully, Ubuntu is very stable.

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, using our guide verbatim. I use Ubuntu 22.04 LTS every day without issue. While you’re welcome to use what you like, I cannot promise a smooth experience on Debian as we do not test against it. Debian and Ubuntu do in fact differ, repos, package versions, and other elements.

  • For battery savings, we have a recommended guide for Ubuntu users.

  • We also have other troubleshooting tips for any issues you may run into.

  • Regarding PPAs, we have a guide and suggestions on that as well.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what we offer with Ubuntu. That said, you are welcome to run any operating system you like - but official supported with be limited to Ubuntu and Fedora as that is what we test with. Fedora is not a rolling release distribution. While it has newer packages than Ubuntu LTS, it is a fixed release distribution that has actual releases.

Should you decide to run Debian, that is completely okay - but any issues experienced will be handled by the community here as we have a limited staff to replicate Debian specific issues.

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Thank you Very Much For your Reply

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