[RESPONDED] External monitor glitches and disconnects when gaming

I got an 11th gen Framework running Windows 11 22H2 a few months ago, and it’s been great. I also got the HDMI expansion card, and I’ve attached it to various external monitors.
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I recently tested it out with my Dell Alienware AW3418dW, which is a 1440p ultrawide, and the system appears to have issues driving it when gaming. It works fine during web browsing and other light applications, but when I play YouTube videos are simple games, there is a lot of scrolling as the image moves right quickly across the screen, alongside a lot of flicker and distortion.

I looked around, and the issues I can find are either with Linux, which I’m not on, or due to not having 2 RAM sticks, but I have 2 x 8GB of RAM in the laptop.

Hi @Quy_Nguyen,

Welcome to the Community! It’s important to call out that our current laptops utilize the Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics chip, and while it can handle lightweight gaming with some of the settings turned down, the onboard chip isn’t able to keep up with AAA titles, and FPS (frames per second) will likely not be able to maintain 60. While gaming, if it’s a resource-heavy AAA title, you are likely pegging all system resources at max given the specs of the Framework Laptop 13 (11th Gen Intel Core). This will lead to some of the things you are describing.

There could be a large number of elements at play here in your specific case. First, I’d make sure your graphics drivers are up to date, and after that, I’d pull up an FPS counter, like those that exist in Steam, to get a read out of where you stand. Tweak game settings until you are able to eliminate the issues you’ve mentioned and hit a steady FPS. Even if that FPS is 30, while not the best, it’s still completely playable. If you need more GPU power, you can connect an eGPU with a dedicated graphics card installed, but just know you aren’t getting 100% of the juice of external GPU through an eGPU, but it will get you into a very playable space, even with the most recent AAA game titles.

Hmm, I know the GPU isn’t that powerful, but I was playing Bloons Tower Defense 6, which shouldn’t be a particularly demanding game. I also get it now on Youtube videos at 1080p, which I’m not sure if I was getting previously, or maybe I just ignored it. I’ve tried turning off the internal display and sometimes it’s better, but it’s quite a wash.