[RESPONDED] Fedora 37 Enroll same finger for multiple users

Hey all.

I’ve been using the fingerprint reader to login to Fedora since day one with my laptop, and it has worked great. (I started on Fedora 36 and upgraded to 37). I have multiple users on my laptop and wanted both to have fingerprint reader authorization active. To be clear, I am the user for both accounts (one is personal, one is for work). I haven’t been able to enroll the same finger for the two different users though. I can enroll different fingers, but if I want to use the same finger for auth on both, I’m out of luck.

Is this a known limitation? Is there a workaround? I’ve already followed the steps outlined on [SOLVED] Fedora 37 fingerprint not enrolling, without any luck. I’ve never had a Windows install, only Fedora.

  • Fedora 37, kernel 6.1.18
  • 12th gen, i5


Hi @Firestorm980 , I think it’s the same limitation on other OS as well, like windows hello, you can’t designate same fingerprint to another user, you may try other fingers other than the thumb perhaps?

@Loell_Framework Like I said, using different fingers works fine, it just isn’t as nice. At first, I wasn’t able to get different fingers to work, but it got happier after a restart if I remember right.