[RESPONDED] Framework 13 AMD Ryzen 5 power on issues - Burnt Connector

Today, i just got my Framework 13 AMD Ryzen 5 laptop. To my surprise i found that it’s not powering on.

  • Checked the keyboard cable and it’s not loose.
  • Checked the memory DIMM and it’s installed properly.
  • Checked the battery cable and it’s connected properly.
  • Tried unplugging and plugging back the battery cable to the main board. No luck. While plugging back the battery cable the LEDs flash red once on the main board.
  • Tried connecting the power adapter and power button never lights UP.

Finally, i found that connector port on the back side of the keyboard has been damaged or burnt and that’s why the power button is not working. Now tried reaching out to Framework support via EMAIL as well as Support Forum. The team is kind of SLOW.

For me it raises a BIG concern with respect to Framework after sales technical support.

  • Is there a WAY framework support team can be reached over a phone call ?
  • Has anyone of you run into this issue ?
  • How did you get a fast response from Framework support team ?
  • How was your experience with framework support ?

Sorry to see those troubles. Currently, the only way to reach out to Framework support is via email (the contact support link on the website). Support is currently swamped with people looking to modify pre-orders, among other things. So they are a bit backed up. However, they are typically very good about helping to resolve issues.

They are slow right now because of how busy they are. But I would expect nothing but a dedication to solve your issue once they get to your ticket.

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seeing that picture, there is a good chance that if an employee sees this post they will hopefully reach out to you. This is very abnormal, and I’m sure they will want to help you resolve this as soon as possible, but like BigT said, support has a very large queue right now with both 13" AMD boards just starting to get released, and 16" orders starting to be shipped soon.

Thank you for assurance, @BigT @Azure. I definetly understand the situation you are trying to explain. But Framework as a company needs to understand that they have BIG competition against gaints like

etc …

A buisness based on a great IDEA can only survive if the execution of business model is correct. In today’s world the customer service matters a lot. Just imagine for a moment the day you receive product, it’s faulty and then you try to reach out to customer service support and no response from them assuring that they will try to fix the issue. This raises a BIG concern or question in terms of customer service. For any company a team can be small but then the management needs to design the execution model in such a way that the new customers won’t suffer for legtimate problems with the product because now the support staff has overflow of PRE-ORDERs. I have reveiwed the requests on this community Forum and this has been going on since the begining of this year. Many other customers rasied this same concern, however, Framework management didn’t do anything about it looks like it because situation is still the SAME. Then for DIY editions lot of hardware and software problems. As an engineer i understand any product will have FLAWs ( nothing can be perfect). Though what matters the most is that, how the company is trying to solve the FLAWs for the end user or customer. One of the main intial STEP towards resolution is reaching out to customer and discuss NEXT steps.

Just FYI:- I have dealt with System76 a local US based company which has a small team as well but their customer service support is exceptional. They are VERY responsive even if they don’t have an immediate resolution.

Honestly, looking at customer service experince in person with Framework i may end up returing the laptop.

I understand you are disappointed and would like to be tended to.
However you have entered the realm of the early adaptors here.
Things have not yet been ironed out like the big boys have. Please adjust your expectations accordingly and trust that a suitable solution will be found for you.
Hang in there and have a little patience. :grinning:


I’m not really trying to argue. But I will just say that outside of this crunch while delivering and preparing for imminent delivery of 13th Gen Intel, 13" AMD, and 16" AMD models, I’ve contacted support and gotten quick, decisive responses.

Also, they have said that they are working to onboard and train more staff, but it takes time. The explosive popularity of the AMD 13 and 16 laptops caught them off guard and has caused a need for rapid growth, which they seem to be trying to do, but it’s tough to do quickly.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally get where you are coming from and why you may end up returning the laptop. No judgement. I just want to make sure you aren’t getting a one-sided picture because of all the chaos around here the last few months with all these pre-order releases, combined with Framework trying to hire and train staff for support, firmware development, etc. Outside of these crazy last few months, I’ve gotten quick support from them.

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Thank you for giving assurance, @Aiko.

The challenge here is not a faulty product. It happens with every other product and vendor. The main problem is no meaningfull response or contact from the Framework support team.

I totally understand that. It’s a big deal for me when making any substantial purchase. I also like welding. I know, not even a little related to Framework. One reason I prefer to spend more and get a name-brand welder (unfortunately, they are often a lot more) is because I know that if I have a problem, I can go to a local welding supply shop and get support/parts from a factory authorized service center. If I feared I wasn’t going to get that, I’d be much more hesitant to spend the money for a machine.

I hope you don’t mind, but I added “Burnt Connector” to the title of this thread. Might help it gain attention. :wink:

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This is simply false. Framework support typically responds within one business day. They have been backed up due to contact volume a handful of times, and that gets resolved within a matter of a couple weeks. Outside of that, the vast majority of people on this forum who say they didn’t get a response were due to some issue with their email address or client – not any fault of Framework’s.

Framework doesn’t believe in hiring seasonally, so when contact volumes are temporarily high, it does delay them slightly. They are expanding the support team, but getting support agents trained and working takes a substantial amount of time, so they can’t do it reactively. You just need to be patient.



The problem here is with customer service model in Framework. It seems every service support ticket is going to the same queue. That’s where ticket handling system algorithm needs to change. For example

  • Hardware related issues go to queue 1
  • Software related issues go to queue 2
  • Order update go to queue 3
  • New order go to queue 4
  • etc and so on.

Then assign dedicated customer service team members to respective queues. There is no point of taking new purcahse orders if company can’t deal with new customers DAY 1 legtimate problems. This is what i have mentioned which has been going on. I have no problem with having FLAWs in a product. As i mentioned before it happens and going to happen. The thing which manages the damage control is customer support and service. Let’s see for this issue how long it will take to get a response with resolution.

As I am the one creating/implementing the queues and managing our team, I can assure you that your claim is patently false.

I can tell you are frustrated, but I’m going to have to ask for you to bring it down a notch. Our team is under extremely heavy load right now due batch shipment processing, and we have separate queues for categories of requests. We also have scouts that run ahead in queues to move tickets into disparate buckets after auto-sorting is done, tags are added, and the round robin system assigns tickets based on Tier and focus.

You are in queue with hundreds of other people right now, and our team is working as quickly as possible to respond to everyone that is patiently waiting.

I politely ask that when our team responds, you engage in a polite and collaborative manner. If you engage our team with the same attitude you have demonstrated here, we will disengage immediately.

UPDATE: After a personal review, your order shipped 4 days ago and you wrote into Framework Support yesterday, November 2nd, at 10:56am PDT. You also created back to back to back tickets. After reading your last response, which was disrespectful and rude, I will gladly authorize the return of the laptop for a full refund. Look for my response shortly.


Thanks for the update/details, glad to see “slow” was a hyperbole and this is just a case of impatience / mis-match in expectations. We’re not privy to the private communication in the ticket, but I’ll just suggest trying to keep public-facing comments very boring/diplomatic, even when dealing with entitled/impatient customers who think they know best. It’s sad because a lot of us prefer the openness and honesty of these kinds of responses, but so many people have learned the lesson the hard way.

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Were they for the same issue…or additional issues?

Is that at the user’s request?

LoL…if being ‘responsive’ is your thing.

I’ve dealt with other CS in technical settings of other companies / businesses where they have ‘useless’ SLA, say, 24 hours…where they just respond to check the box (Responded)…without any progress.

The criteria should be a combo pack of “timely” “resolution”.

See https://frame.work/warranty

If Framework determines in its sole discretion that the Product has a defect or malfunction that is covered under the Warranty, we will determine in our sole discretion whether to repair, replace, or refund the Product to resolve the issue.

And did you not notice how displeased the OP is with Framework not meeting his expectations?
Parting ways is best.

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Ah…nice to have that money back as an exit strategy (for both parties). Start again.

Does Framework cover the return shipping then (as it’s at Framework’s sole discretion)? Assuming returning the product is part of the “refund” expectation, and not just a pure “refund” and retain the product.

I can’t speak for everyone but I had to do a return and Framework covered all expenses including return shipping.

It may differ on a case by case basis.

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I believe he is responding to this part of an earlier comment:


Ah, I see.

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