[RESPONDED] Framework and PopOS

@Kent_Brockman It’s in fact a fresh install for my brand-new Framework 13 straight out of the box. Checksum was good and I used Etcher to flash my 4GB USB. I didn’t try again with Pop!_OS, and for a bit I was afraid that the issue was with the hardware (e.g. bad memory installation, old USB), but I’m happy to report that I was able to successfully get Fedora 38 running, and it’s very nice so far!

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@Agnes - did you try the livecd version first?

It is possible to have any Linux distro experience problems on any system - even ones not using Framework hardware. As an example, I had an issue a couple years ago with Framework 11th gen intel and Fedora. It turns out it was an item I was using with the laptop rather than the hardware itself.

The key part of troubleshooting for any Linux distro is to use the livecd first. Check how the livecd works with the hardware you choose to use with your Framework. I would even include the items you connect to the laptop too.

When comparing Fedora to Pop!_OS the distro has differences.

if you have a working system do not feel obligated to change anything, I can understand how frustrated to not have a working system.


Based on @Agnes’ post here, is it safe to assume this is resolved?

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