[RESPONDED] FW13 - Arch Linux (Manjaro) Lower Screen Resolution

I am trying to downgrade the native (2256x1504) resolution to a lower 3:2 resolution such as 1350x900 or 1200x800 as I want to game on this machine. The lower resolution does not bother me due to the small screen size.

On windows I was able to implement these resolutions use Custom Resoltuion Utility but I have since installed Linux as I am semi familiar with the OS.

All forum posts I look at point to using xrandr. I have logged into my user using x11.

  1. I ran cvt [desired resolution] [refresh rate] (cvt 1200 800 60)
  2. xrandr --newmode “1200x800_60.00” 78.00 1200 1264 1384 1568 800 803 813 831 -hsync +vsync
  3. xrandr --addmode eDP 1200x800_60.00

When I attempt to swith to this resolution either using “xrandr -s” or through GUI i get black screen, but I know the resolution/refresh rate is supported by the screen.

Any ideas?

Hi @Ian_Faria , welcome to the community.

to be sure if xrandr does support that res and refresh rate, do check xrandr output without parameters.

cheers! :slight_smile: