[RESPONDED] FW13AMD + Manjaro - Frequent boot hanging: How to debug?

I received my Framework13/amd laptop recently, and I’m having issues rebooting my system.

It will usually boot after between two and three attempts, but will otherwise sit on the Framework/Manjaro splash screen (with the three animated dots).

Framework AMD 7840
Dist: Manjaro+XFCE 23.0.4,
Firmware: 3.03 (preinstalled)
Kernel: 6.6.3-1

Journalctl logs from a recent attempted reboot at 13:12 up until I decide to power it off again at 13:17: Dec 02 13:12:15 framework msm_notifier[1724]: Shutting down MSM Notifier...Dec - Pastebin.com

Any suggestions on where to go from here? I can obviously switch distros but would like to know what’s going on beforehand or if it’s fixable

The random nature of it points to either RAM or some race condition for me.
Have you checked your RAM with memtest?

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Yeah, memtest passed without issue.

I’ve had similar boot stalling issues on other (ryzen laptop) hardware in the past with Manjaro. I’ve switched to ubuntu for now and am not experiencing the problem any more.

  • Test against Fedora 39. If the issue repeats…

  • Then try removing one of the ram modules.