[RESPONDED] Gaming datapoint for Debian on AMD 7840

Just got my batch 10 mobo swapped into my laptop and got Debian up and running “fairly painlessly”. I had to update the BIOS to 3.03 and manually install latest amdgpu files per other posts.
Just installed steam and got Kerbal Space Program 1 downloaded and it runs flawlessly (although with some fan noise) on max settings…
Resolution: 1792x1344
Render Quality: Fantastic
Testure Quality: Full Res
Terrain Detail: High
Frame limit: 120fps (I dont know what actual frame rate it was hitting)
Surface/Underwater/Highlight FX: On

Anyways, havent played much. I did a test launch of about a 80 part rocket and everything looked great.
Only visual mod I had on was scatterer. Ill install a couple more now that it can handle it.
Previouly ran on fairly mid-level setting on my gen 11 I5 framework.

Edit: I got the FPS overlay up…it was mostly at 60FPS, but dipped down to just over 30 during launch at low level.
Anyways, its an older game. Not breaking any performance records, but Im a happy camper.


Hi @Ryan_Horst ,

Thanks for sharing your experience with gaming on FW AMD 7840 laptop.
Always nice to hear successes on that front. :slight_smile:

Oh and welcome back to the forums :blush: