[RESPONDED] Gnome Shell extension to change your Framework Laptop system settings


I wanted to share a Gnome Shell extension and d-bus service to control some of your Framework Laptop system settings:

  • battery charge limit
  • finger print reader led brightness
  • keyboard backlight brightness

It includes a d-bus service based on the framework_lib to use it without root privileges and a Gnome Shell extension using this service.

how it works

It is still in the very beginnings, so expect something not working :slight_smile: but I appreciate every feedback!

AMD: currently extra kernel patches are required


Nice work @stefanho :metal: :blush:


This may be blocking suspend on idle from happening successfully. Seeing this in journalctl on arch:

<datetime> <hostname> systemd-logind[2299]: Refusing suspend-then-hibernate operation, sleep is inhibited by UID <number>/<user>, PID <number>/gnome-session-binary

Manually suspending works, itโ€™s only suspend when idle that seems to be problematic. If anyone can test this I would appreciate it.

Thanks for the feedback. I run on Fedora and do not use suspend-then-hibernate, so unfortunately I cannot test it.

I also canโ€™t find any information for this error message (besides your reddit post)

Maybe (I am very new to systemd and D-Bus myself, so this is just a guess) it helps to register frameworkd as a systemd service.

I you know how to get around with the configuration files, there is already a first draft for a systemd service file.
You also need to change the dbus service (/usr/share/d-bus1/system-services/org.stefanhoelzl.frameworkd.service see systemd activation)

With systemd-inhibit --list you can also chech who tries to inhibit certain logind operations.

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