[RESPONDED] Headphones with USB-A not detected when USB-A-USB-C adapter

I am running Fedora 38 on a 13" Framework laptop.

When i try an use my Logitech USB-A headset through a USB-A to USB-C adapter on the end of the headphone cable and plugged into a USB-C port on the laptop the headphones are not detected.

However, when I use a USB-A port on the laptop without the A-C dongle on the end of the headphone cable it is detected properly.

Using this A-C adapter on the end of the headphone cable is necessary on my other laptop and is detected properly when running on the Mac (where it is required).

SInce I have a USB-A laptop port this issue is not a problem, but I was wondering if this is a limitation of the hardware/firmware/OS that makes the use of USB-C peripherals using an external A-C dongle problematic.

This is a tough one. I have found that adapters, are the solution to and often a cause of all of life’s programs. That and docks.

The limitation is the adapter, we don’t test against or control the hardware. That and as a rule, they tend to be flaky with some hardware configs.

A reliable workaround if using a USB-A expansion card isn’t for you.

I was in a similar boat where I didn’t necessarily want to use USB-A expansion cards for my headset. Finally decided to go cordless. Not Bluetooth, but wireless. Arctis 1 Wireless headset. Uses a USB-C dongle, wireless transmits to the headset.

I have used USB-A headsets for eons now, I will not go back - Arctis 1 Wireless headset was a game changer. Pulseaudio and Pipewire compatible, I use mine on Fedora and Ubuntu every day.