[RESPONDED] High Impedence Headphones and Track Pad

Hi Everyone, can the Framework 13 run the beyerydynamic 990 pros without an amplifier?
Unrelated question but ive also been struggling with track pad sensitivity on Linux Mint, adjusting it in settings doesn’t change anything for the track pad but it does alter it on an external mouse. What can i do to increase the trackpad sensitivity but not the mouse?

I haven’t used Mint, but often there are separate settings for the mouse and the touchpad.

As for the DT 990 Pros, do you have the 80 Ohm, or the 250 Ohm version? If you have the 80 Ohm version, I seriously doubt you will have any problems. If they are the 250 Ohm version, you may still be okay, but it depends on your use case and how loud you like your headphones to get. Will it run them? Sure. Will they get loud enough for you? How loud do you like your headphones to get? I use a set of HD650s and they get loud enough for me, but I don’t normally listen to stuff super loud. I have sensitive ears. Not like I have super hearing, I just get bothered by loud music long before most people, lol. But with the HD650s, even I can max out the volume of the built-in headphone jack without immediate discomfort. Though I would never just casually listen that loud.

I can’t say if the 250 Ohm 990 pros are going to be markedly different from the HD650s at 300 Ohms, but they probably aren’t too far off. If you really like to crank music loud, you may wish for more volume, but they will certainly work.

i have the 250 ohms and when in public dont really like to crank it super loud so thats not a massive issue. Thank you for your response

Hi @Sydney_Burnett ,

May we see your trackpad sensitivity settings? most distro has that, I think. :slight_smile:

i managed to get it fixed thank you though. all i had to do was reset settings and move the sensitivity back to how i had it