[RESPONDED] How long until tech support returns an email?

I received a notice that there was an issue with my deposit but the bank shows the amount was successfully received by Framework. They are not answering their tech email so I was wondering about the typical turnaround for communication back.

While support typically responds within one business day, they are currently experiencing heavy contact volume and response times will be temporarily longer than normal. They appreciate your patience while they work to respond to all inquiries in the order in which they were received.

I’ve removed your order number from the title of this thread – it’s best to keep that private because its part of how support may verify that you are who you say you are.


oops, thanks for that I really appreciate the info.

Yeah, the issue was that my original deposit went through but they did not tell me they were back in stock, and no follow-up. I love their products but come on folks luckily I used a temporary card for the deposit. If not I would have been overdrawn because they did not warn me. Really bad way to communicate.

Ah did you order a 13th gen DIY?

i have the laptop just upgrading from the i5. 64 gig ram and 2 tb 970 evo plus

Ah, yeah, it sounds like you ran into this issue.