[RESPONDED] How much will framework charge for stripped screw when returning?

So, I am going to return my framework laptop but I stripped the screw and wanted to know if they are going to deduct money from the refund. This isn’t the reason I am returning it the product anyway but I just wanted to know.


I suppose they do, but I don’t think stripped screw would be a problem anyway.

I hope, the main reason why I am returning it is because the battery had a horrible smell to it and upon reading it could mean that I have a faulty battery which makes since because when fully charged it lasted like 2 hours on battery saver mode. I just hope I get my money back, is it even possible for them not to give my money back at all or would they only take like a few dollars? Because how much does a screw cost.

Hello @Donjuan,

I’ve reviewed the ticket and the image of the stripped screw in question, and there will be a nominal charge of $5 for the labor/replacement of the captive screw that was stripped. This will be deducted from your refund amount after verification of your remorse return when received by our Repair Center partner.

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