[RESPONDED] Huge battery issue

I am mostly content with the battery performance of the Framework laptop when it’s in use. However, powering the laptop off causes significant battery drain. I can charge my battery to 100% and completely shut it off, and by the next day the laptop won’t even turn on because the battery is at 0%.

I’ve been experiencing this since I got my laptop during February of last year, and was wondering if there’s anything I can do to fix this.

Well this is a new one. What’s your laptop generation, BIOS version, and what expansion cards are in when this happens?

I have an 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 and am currently on bios version 3.17. My current expansion cards are USB-C, 250GB Expansion Card, USB3.0, and HDMI.

Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide.

Assuming you really mean that you shut down the computer and not that you closed the lid and expected it to power off, you probably should’ve got a warranty battery replacement (or some other fix, maybe) from FW support already.

This isn’t really a community support issue at all because you have some defective hardware. Did you contact framework?

Edit: I guess it’s possible shutdown is never finishing? What OS are you running?

I’m running Arch Linux, but this issue also occurred with other operating systems that I had also run. I figure that since my warranty period is expired, I’ll just put up with it and buy the new capacity battery if this isn’t something that the community is aware of.

I wonder what would happen if you physically disconnected the battery overnight and plugged it back in the next day. That would let you know if it’s a defective battery or a device level issue.

Framework’s guide on battery replacement should show how to disconnect it.

That’s a good idea, I’ll try that tonight

Try one more time with a hard power off (pressing and holding the power button until the light disappears).

If after this it’s still happening, please open a support ticket.

Two thoughts enter my mind:

  • Not sure which distro you’re using (did not happen to see it mentioned previously), but it “might” not actually be powering off.

  • Could be a battery issue. Open the laptop immediately and check for swelling. If there is, immediately and carefully disconnect the battery and remove it and contact support.

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Test with all modules removed, to rule out it’s a faulty module.

Check the physical health of the battery first and foremost, please.

Not sure which distro you’re using (did not happen to see it mentioned previously), but it “might” not actually be powering off.

Turns out you were onto something with this one. For whatever reason, the most recent Linux kernel (not the LTS) really butts heads with KDE’s sleep methods for whatever reason, so the laptop (and consequently the screen) actually stayed on after the lid was shut whenever I was done with my work.

I’m on Arch so I wasn’t on the LTS. All I had to do was change to it and it works great now. Real shame that this destroyed my battery health though.