[RESPONDED] Laptop enters partial sleep state by itself

At random, the laptop simulates a power cycle

  1. keyboard backlight turns off
  2. power led turns off
  3. displays turn off
  4. wifi disconnects
    But it immediately does a partial wake up
  5. Only primary display turns on - external displays remain off and disconnected.
  6. power led continues to blink, as if the laptop is asleep
  7. keyboard backlight remains off
  8. wifi reconnects.

At this point, the laptop is usable. To recover completely, i need to power cycle - either using power button or using reboot from os.

Looking at dmesg, I see indications of sleep and then wake - no indications why this happened. journalctl is spammy and im still digging through it.

Excerpt from dmesg that starts with issue and shows cpus waking up from sleep…

[96585.348085] PDLOG 2023/09/05 13:28:06.995 P1 Disconnected
[96865.181192] wlp166s0: deauthenticating from 1c:61:b4:7e:5a:d7 by local choice (Reason: 3=DEAUTH_LEAVING)
[96865.519650] PM: suspend entry (deep)
[96865.536106] Filesystems sync: 0.016 seconds
[96865.572098] Freezing user space processes
[96865.573892] Freezing user space processes completed (elapsed 0.001 seconds)
[96865.573895] OOM killer disabled.
[96865.573895] Freezing remaining freezable tasks
[96865.574882] Freezing remaining freezable tasks completed (elapsed 0.000 seconds)
[96865.574928] printk: Suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)
[96865.890302] ACPI: EC: interrupt blocked
[96865.925602] ACPI: PM: Preparing to enter system sleep state S3
[96865.934544] ACPI: EC: event blocked
[96865.934551] ACPI: EC: EC stopped
[96865.934553] ACPI: PM: Saving platform NVS memory
[96865.935166] Disabling non-boot CPUs ...
[96865.938498] smpboot: CPU 1 is now offline
[96865.943203] smpboot: CPU 2 is now offline
[96865.950176] smpboot: CPU 3 is now offline
[96865.952866] smpboot: CPU 4 is now offline
[96865.956891] smpboot: CPU 5 is now offline
[96865.960004] smpboot: CPU 6 is now offline
[96865.964290] smpboot: CPU 7 is now offline
[96865.966658] smpboot: CPU 8 is now offline
[96865.969156] smpboot: CPU 9 is now offline
[96865.971814] smpboot: CPU 10 is now offline
[96865.973953] smpboot: CPU 11 is now offline
[96865.976096] smpboot: CPU 12 is now offline
[96865.977915] smpboot: CPU 13 is now offline
[96865.979566] smpboot: CPU 14 is now offline
[96865.981183] smpboot: CPU 15 is now offline
[96865.991878] ACPI: PM: Low-level resume complete
[96865.992088] ACPI: EC: EC started
[96865.992089] ACPI: PM: Restoring platform NVS memory
[96865.993929] Enabling non-boot CPUs ...
[96865.993965] x86: Booting SMP configuration:
[96865.993965] smpboot: Booting Node 0 Processor 1 APIC 0x1
[96865.995949] CPU1 is up
[96865.995968] smpboot: Booting Node 0 Processor 2 APIC 0x8
[96866.002844] CPU2 is up
[96866.002863] smpboot: Booting Node 0 Processor 3 APIC 0x9
[96866.004817] CPU3 is up
[96866.004834] smpboot: Booting Node 0 Processor 4 APIC 0x10

CPU/Board: intel 1240p
OS: Linux/NixOS
OS Configuration: Files · main · Workspace / NixConfig · GitLab
Other related hardware: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0746NKVBN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Displays connected: 2 1440p monitors via dock, 1 1080p monitor via usb-c dp alt mode.
Other settings: Charger is constantly connected with battery limited to 40%

Any help on how to debug or diagnose would be appreciated…

Because of the weird states of keyboard, power button etc, I think this is a harware issue, not a software one.
But i dont know enough about hardware to debug.

Any magnets near the left hand side?

I do have a 5 W speaker ~6 inches from the left edge of screen.
Is there anywhere in logs where i can confirm its because of the magnet?

Move the speaker away from your laptop for a day or two and see if the behavior continues. There’ve been reports of external magnets putting the machine to sleep.

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Indeed! Magnets near the left side of the laptop trigger the lid sensor, and if your operating system is configured to sleep when the lid is closed it will do so!

Everyone here appears to have covered the most likely cause. Please report back and if it happens again, let us know. Do try to avoid metal tables, magnets and speakers if this happens again.

Logs will not help here as it’s environmental.

This does happen, I rested my batch 1 11th Gen on top of my daughter’s MacBook Air and had an immediate shutdown or sleep.

Didn’t do that again.

Just sleep, and it won’t cause any damage! As far as the laptop is concerned, it thinks you closed the lid.

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Was just a little surprise! Fortunately, I think I had already read about the possibility here!

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