[RESPONDED] Laptop not turning on after new motherboard replacement. (only booted once 12th Gen)

I have a laptop 12th gen that I am currently working with support to get the problem resolved but i wanted to ask here.

We originally had the motherboard replaced in this Computer and it was working after warranty replacement but after it was shut down it never turned back on. There is a continuous green blinking light only when plugged in. There doesn’t appear to be any post codes displaying because there isn’t a pause at anytime the light it blinking. There is a red light of course because I have the keypad removed. I’ve tried removing the battery and trying to boot from AC. (didn’t turn on the laptop) I’ve tried removing all the expansion slots, which only the two right side ports bring the motherboard to light up (with or without the expansion piece inserted). I’ve tried removing the SSD and DRAM which also didn’t turn on the laptop. I have been given a few new things to try from support and will test these out as well. Has anyone else run into this problem. I have read though some of the topic discussions but nothing really helped explain what could be happening.

Hi Camarae, welcome to the community!

I realize that waiting on support can feel like a long process, however, they have access to information and processes that help throughout the troubleshooting process.