[RESPONDED] Linux Mint 21.3 Edge Boot Error

Hello all, I just fresh installed LM 21.3 Edge and am getting the following error on boot,

cros_ec_lpcs cros_ec_lpcs.0: EC ID not detected

FW13 AMD 7840
Bios 3.03
Kernel 6.5.0-21-generic

And idea what could be going on? I am a Linux noob so sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks

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Error itself is fine if it still boots, but you will see this error on Mint. We recommend Ubuntu 22.04.3 using our guide or Fedora 39 for the best experience.

Thanks for the welcome and response. It does still boot but maybe I should go with a better supported distro. I went with Mint because when you search best distros for Linux noobs, it is pretty much universally recommended. Either way, thanks for the help.

I do get 2 other errors, when I boot,

r8152 6-1:1.0: ram code speedup mode fail

r8152 6-1:1.0 (unnamed net_device) (uninitialized) : netif_napi_add_weight() called with weight 256

I only get these two when the FW Ethernet card is in. If i remove the card and reboot and leave it out it doesn’t show these errors. If i put it back in and run dmesg they come back up. If i remove it again and run dmesg, I get even more errors. Are these a Mint thing or unrelated? Sorry, my intent isn’t too turn this into a catch-all thread. I’ll ask separately if its better. Thanks

Appreciate this. Linux Mint is a fine distro, but we want to be closer to bleeding edge. And while Ubuntu 22.04.x is LTS and not super new, we address this with our guide (OEM D kernel, PPA for power profile daemon, etc).

Errors are usually just verbose FYIs, unless there is a clear visible issue that occurs. Dmesg, journalctl, and so on can be pretty verbose.

In short, if you are seeing errors at boot or in the logs, we don’t worry about that unless there is a direct issue found. :slight_smile:

This is complaining about how your Ethernet adapter is starting up. On the surface, may be a non-issue unless you experience a specific problem with the adapter itself.

You are totally fine and asking great questions. :slight_smile:

We do prefer to have newer Linux users on our supported distros using our guides to the letter (very important especially with Ubuntu LTS).

Gotcha. Thanks for the help, it means a lot.

While it may not always feel like it and sometimes I have to play “captain buzzkill” in some situations, I am here to help. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m using Ubuntu 22.04.04 on the OEM kernel and getting the same “EC ID not detected” (it still boots up) - but I had linux mint installed before this, but I deleted it completely…

Also came across saying it’s bcs the firmware has been customised, can this be bcs the feds hacked me during shipping or bcs FW offers a customised firmware? Please clarify, thanks.

Edit: it doesn’t say 22.04.03 anywhere, really curious if the .04 is really not recommended, bcs I just finished setting everything up on that​:disappointed_relieved::pensive:

The generic messaging that appears at boot? If so, this is fine.

If it appears and hangs, that would be a different issue.

Generic so far, just scares me a bit since idk if it will start hanging one day


Found this. @Matt_Hartley, am I interpreting it right when it says,

“[Reason: Patch landed in 6.7, once [linux-lts] has caught up this can be deleted.]”,

that the 6.7 kernal should patch this. Mint Edge is on 6.5 I believe. Not sure about Ubuntu.

This sounds plausible. I don’t use Mint or Mint Edge, so not sure where that plays out. But for Arch, it’s why I see a lot of folks using linux-lts - it’s like how we ask for folks to use OEM D on Ubuntu. Focusing on something LTS and tested.

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I’m seeing this, too on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with the latest kernel. From dmesg:

[ 1.168018] kernel: cros_ec_lpcs cros_ec_lpcs.0: EC ID not detectedery

The machine works great (Framework 16, love it!), so I’ll just sit tight.