[RESPONDED] Linux Ryzen AI support on Framework AMD boards

So apparently AMD just dropped some out of tree (for the moment) drivers and software for the built-in RyzenAI into the latest laptop chips. However, it says IOMMU SVA support is required to be enabled. Just checking, your BIOS has that setting, right?

Obviously this is just released, but if you don’t have that setting, it’d be great to add that for a future UEFI update for the FW13 & FW16 please. Pretty please.


SVA support comes from the IOMMU subsystem not the BIOS.

Part of it is landing in 6.8, the rest should hopefully be 6.9.


Ah, hm. I just know some IOMMU features are virtualization features, and I know in some instances the UEFI features aren’t available or turned off by the motherboard manufacturers.

I’m unfamiliar with this particular feature, just wanted to make sure Framework had a heads up, to ensure that current/future UEFI/embedded firmwares support this for Linux.

Not aware of any functionality being turned off in this vein.

I will pass this along to the engineering team, just so they have eyes on this concern.

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Might be something to ping your AMD contacts, verify that everything is already in place for this part of the code drop, as well as future ones. I imagine so (based on kernel version support of course), but with how much they’ve been involved, might be worth it. Also gives them another data point of “support all the things” on Linux, cause it’s being asked for =)

@Aaron_Baff :slight_smile:

Interesting move from AMD related to AI from Phoronix few minutes ago…

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