[RESPONDED] Linux sleep/hibernate status?

In case anyone already tested:
How is sleep/hibernate functioning under Linux? Does it support S3 or S0 sleep?
What is the approximate battery drain speed in sleep?

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S3 is supported by the platform but S0 is the default. Hibernate you can get working but it’ll require hacky workarounds if you want it along with kernel lockdown mode as the kernel will disable hibernation by default. Battery drain is better with S3 than with S0.


Hi @Zack1 , Let us know your preferred distro, most distros supports hibernation,
but require specifics steps to undertake. Welcome to the community by the way. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll probably use Ubuntu as I’m currently using it on desktop.
I didn’t manage to setup encrypted hibernation, mostly because it’s desktop so hibernation is somewhat not a necessity.

Glad to hear both S3 and S0 works. May I ask how much % per hour is battery drain, in case you tested?

Never really bothered to switch to S3 so I can’t comment on that but suffice to say that S3 is far superior from a battery life standpoint from what I understand. The battery life on Linux is so much worse than Windows it isn’t even funny. I still think it needs improvement even on Windows (which I’m currently using because…school) as at most I get like 5 hours of battery life. I know I’ve done all the low hanging fruit to improve it and I’m not even running intense workloads, basically just a browser, some PDFs and a word processor. Whatever strengths the FW13 has, battery life ain’t it. Having said that, I’m on 12th gen, 13th gen users might tell you battery life has much improved. Or possibly Ryzen FW 13 users have a better experience, I highly encourage you to search the forum and see what people are saying about it.

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I’ve got only s2_idle. It uses 0.85w/h


Slept for 10.56 hours
Used 6.72 Wh, an average rate of 0.64 W
At 0.64/Wh drain you battery would be empty in 103.46 hours
For your 89.97 Wh battery this is 0.71%/hr or 16.97%/day

I have a 16 with Ryzen 7040 and dGPU, sadly it seems like S3 sleep is either not obvious to enable or unsupported. cat /sys/power/mem_sleep gives only s2idle, the deep mode does not appear. This is the same when I run either the mainline kernel or OEM. Quoting support:

As of recent updates from both AMD and Intel, we regret to inform you that they have officially discontinued support for S3 sleep mode. This means that the functionality of S3 sleep mode on systems utilizing these processors is no longer guaranteed to work as expected.

I get a 1.5%-1.7% per hour battery drain in s2idle, not pretty IMO but acceptable for me.

What is different from 12th gen to 13th gen? Can’t you just update bios to get the same benefit ??

Different core architecture on the P-Cores, BIOS updates are a mess on Framework so…no, battery life doesn’t magically improve with BIOS updates. Even the Beta BIOS that have been released make no note of improvements to battery life. Whereas Framework did note improvements when launching 13th gen

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