[RESPONDED] Minimal Kernel | AMD Ryzen7

Hello there. I am trying to configure the framework (on top of Fedora) with a custom kernel that takes in various hardening / trimming / mitigations from this project

I managed to get a linux-hardened kernel compiled (and bootable), however the mousepad is inoperable with this compilation.

In short, I was wondering if it were documented or known what kconfig settings were required to run on a framework, and to make a minimized kernel supporting only framework hardware.

I realize this was a big ask, and no worries if it is not documented. The kernel is a rabbit hole.

Try looking for CONFIG_PINCTRL_AMD and CONFIG_I2C_HID_ACPI. To save you some other trouble with suspend and usability make sure you also get CONFIG_USB4, CONFIG_AMD_PMC, and CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU.


Thank you! I was looking at I2C from a dmesg output. I’ll check all those out and much appreciated

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Minor update, fixed the mousepad and various issues with userns.

In general as an idea, I think it’d be nice to see all the necessary kernel configs needed to support a framework, but it isnt a small undertaking.

However, it could improve security and performance by a large margin :slight_smile:

Gentoo started this process to a degree


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