[RESPONDED] NixOS Fingerprint Sensor undetected

Hey there, I have installed fprintd on my new NixOS machine (Framework 13, intel 11th or 12th gen)
I’ve added the following to my configuration.nix:

services.fwupd.enable = true;
services.fprintd.enable = true;
services.fprintd.tod.enable = true;
services.fprintd.tod.driver = pkgs.libfprint-2-tod1-goodix;
#... System packages section
pkgs.fprintd # installed

but fprintd-enroll gives me the “no compatible devices found” thing. I previously had ubuntu installed, but this is a fresh wipe. What should I do from here?
I obviously rebuilt and switched.

First do a Double check with Fedora 39 Live and Ubuntu 22.04 Live if Fingerprint device is detected or not.