[RESPONDED] NMS Performance in Fedora?

This may be a better question for those who already have their dGPU-equipped Framework 16s, but has anyone running Fedora 39/40 played No Man’s Sky on there?
This is one of my favorite games of all time, and I was wondering how performance is with that 7700S GPU.

Cyberpunk runs smooth and I have even gotten Helldivers 2 running in full screen/windows mode. So I’d assume it falls somewhere in that area. Ran both games for demo at SCaLE.


Maxed out, FSR set to Quality, you get about 80-90 FPS. It’s Fun!

Awesome to hear!

I was playing it a bunch too, I put it on high and was getting >100 fps most of the time. So yeah, runs very nicely, don’t think I ever saw it dip below 80. On fedora 39, didn’t have to change anything for it to run well.

Side question, is FSR required for most 3D games similar to No Man’s Sky in order to get above 90fps? I’m afraid the 60 mods I add to my Risk of Rain 2 games may kill that GPU performance if it’s already mid-range.