[RESPONDED] OS stops responding after hibernation gives grey screen

OS: Linux Ubuntu 24.04
Framework: 13 AMD ryzen 7840U
Problem: Grey screen
Problem Description: After hibernation sometimes I get a grey screen and everything stops responding. Once during the grey screen for some reason pressing caps lock showed me the login screen but keyboard didn’t work (track pad was functioning) and clicking on password box didn’t show the cursor either. So quite possibly the os had crashed. This doesn’t happen everytime I hibernate but enough such that it is a significant issue.

I’m upgrading to 24.04 this week and can test.

How did you enable hibernate?

It was already enabled, so when I close my laptop it hibernates. I stopped having this issue after I updated the bios and my packages. So I am not sure what might have caused it.

Hi @Jack_Gala ,

welcome back to the community, It feels like a display manager issue being messed up somehow, when you do get same issue back, we may need the journal logs after the reboot from the grey screen then. journalctl -b -1

Also I think you meant suspend if it was already enabled by default. Hibernation involves several steps and usually users follow some guides to enable it. :slight_smile: