[RESPONDED] Pop Os + Picom. High CPU temps

I’ve recently set up Awesomewm on Pop Os, and whenever I enable picom I get really bad CPU temps. With picom off my temps are in the high 50’s low 60’s even with a video stream playing in the background. Whenever I enable picom my temps instantly jump 15-20 degrees, and I saw it pass 90 once before I force killed picom and it went back down.

I am using the default sample config that came in the picom repo (I am using yshui, not any of the various forks), but even with turning off most things like blur, shadows, and fading I do not see any kind of improvement. I have also tried using xrender and glx as the backends but no changes.

I am not using the Intel driver and have verified that I am on the modesetting driver. Using Gnome I dont have any kind of issues with its built in compositor running.

Is this a Pop Os issue or is there some kind of config that I am missing?

Pop OS supports GNOME by default as a desktop environment. It’s entirely that the picom may be contributing.

Something they can try is to use journalctl to see if anything appears with picom.

journalctl | grep picom

See if any thing pops up for you in the logs.

I saw nothing strange in journalctl, dmesg, or the Xorg logs. Tried a few other forks of picom as well and had the same issues.

I have since switched over to wayland and swaywm, and I am seeing significantly lower temps using this WM. Pretty much mid 40’s with the exact same setup in terms of apps I was using as before.

I think I am leaning towards it might have been an issue with the WM i was using (Awesomewm) and/or the config files that I had at the time.

Entirely possible. Without something in the logs, it’s a tough call for sure.