[RESPONDED] Preserve battery while docked on Debian?

I’m trying to use my FW13 as my main pc for a while and got a nice dock setup working to connect it to my peripherals. I can’t find any settings for this in the battery management stuff on Debian/XFCE, so I was wondering - is it possible to make it so the Framework will charge to, say, 80%, then disconnect the battery and just work off the power adapter? I’ve been told this would help with the battery’s overall lifespan.

Using KDE Neon here (Ubuntu LTS 22.04 + lastest KDE Plasma).
I configure the max battery charging level in the BIOS to 85% - and the system will stick to that.
Having my FW16 in the dock most of the time - the battery level won’t go higher. Guess that’s what you want.

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I’ll give that a try, thanks!

Just re-echoing @Jorg_Mertin suggestion,

kindly look at you BIOS setting where you can configure your max battery level.