[RESPONDED] Problems running Steam on Framework 13 AMD Ryzen 7840U

Model: Model: Framework 13 AMD Ryzen 7840U
Bios: 3.0.3
Kernel: Linux somisan 6.5.0-13-generic #13-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Nov 3 12:16:05 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Steam starts but every game crashes. Even if they supposed to run under Linux. Anyone running Games on a 6.5er Kernel on 7840u?

Works okay on desktop 7950 and kernel 6.6.2 (I’m still waiting for my 7840 mainboard). Are you sure you’ve enabled Steam Play for all titles in Settings? Like this:

Did a bit of testing yesterday (mostly to test the egpu but also without), Project wingman, cs2 and stellaris started up fine, didn’t do much actual playing though. Farcry blood dragon didn’t work but in fairness that doesn’t work on windows either XD

On my up-to-date fedora 39,
I have no crashes of Steam games.

  • Half-Life
  • Portal
  • Muck

All start and play fine.

on my Framework 13 AMD 7840U @Fedora39 with kernel 6.5.11 everything runs also fine on the iGPU and eGPU (AMD 6750XT. Did you install steam as a snap or flatpak? Flatpak did not work (maybe there is also a problem with snaps?) so I installed it from the fedora extra repos

Hi @erkan_yanar ,

Do try Steam with Latest Fedora 39 update, problem might be that the kernel mentioned is not yet fully optimized for AMD Ryzen 7840U.

cheers! :slight_smile: