[RESPONDED] Slow Wi-Fi on AMD 7040 with Ubuntu 22.04

I noticed a weird thing with my wifi card. Mostly everything works, but some things don’t (like mDNS lookups). For some unknown reasons the card is dropping packets. I tested it by doing packet traces on the laptop and from other machines connected to the same network.
The only fix I found is to update the card firmware in /lib/firmware by pulling the latest mediatek firmwares from the linux-firmware repo (git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git). Just cp/rsync the whole mediatek directory into /lib/firmware and reload the module (or reboot).
That fixed it for me :slight_smile:

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Would you mind filing a bug with Ubuntu in linux-firmware package : Ubuntu requesting a formal update and linking it back here? This should be the only commit they need.
linux-firmware: update firmware for MT7921 WiFi device (0a18a729) · Commits · kernel-firmware / Linux Firmware · GitLab

@Matt_Hartley can raise it with them to prioritize it.

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Will do Tues upon my return to work. Fedora affected that we know of?

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No Fedora already updated.

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Also tagging @Matt_Hartley


Okay, back in the office today. Awesome news on that front.

Amazing! Thank you for the assist!

Swapping the firmwares seems to help on KDE-Neon (Lenovo Ideapad 5 14APH8) which has the same SOC and wifi module. Still getting the odd dropped packet but nothing like before.

Hopefully this is fixed in an upcoming kernel because this is a pretty choppy experience for high-end hardware.

I am wondering if the fix can be explained step by step. I don’t know how to rsync the whole mediatek directory. I have been having a very rough wifi experience on Framework AMD 7040 with Ubuntu and didn’t know if Verizon Fios is just ripping me off by throttling me, or if something was wrong with my computer. Wifi is way slow or not working most of the time.

You don’t need to, the linked Ubuntu bug has been fixed and released.