[RESPONDED] Slow Wi-Fi on AMD 7040 with Ubuntu 22.04

I noticed a weird thing with my wifi card. Mostly everything works, but some things don’t (like mDNS lookups). For some unknown reasons the card is dropping packets. I tested it by doing packet traces on the laptop and from other machines connected to the same network.
The only fix I found is to update the card firmware in /lib/firmware by pulling the latest mediatek firmwares from the linux-firmware repo (git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git). Just cp/rsync the whole mediatek directory into /lib/firmware and reload the module (or reboot).
That fixed it for me :slight_smile:

Would you mind filing a bug with Ubuntu in linux-firmware package : Ubuntu requesting a formal update and linking it back here? This should be the only commit they need.
linux-firmware: update firmware for MT7921 WiFi device (0a18a729) · Commits · kernel-firmware / Linux Firmware · GitLab

@Matt_Hartley can raise it with them to prioritize it.

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Will do Tues upon my return to work. Fedora affected that we know of?

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No Fedora already updated.

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Also tagging @Matt_Hartley


Okay, back in the office today. Awesome news on that front.

Amazing! Thank you for the assist!

Swapping the firmwares seems to help on KDE-Neon (Lenovo Ideapad 5 14APH8) which has the same SOC and wifi module. Still getting the odd dropped packet but nothing like before.

Hopefully this is fixed in an upcoming kernel because this is a pretty choppy experience for high-end hardware.