[RESPONDED] Support Issues

I was wondering if anyone can help regarding contacting support? I have a ticket open (submitted 30 NOV) and was in correspondence with a support analyst last week. They asked for some photos of my device which I provided and since then I have had no replies to my emails. It’s been just over a week.

My concern is more to do with the email attachments hitting limit restrictions rather than support times. My latest replies have been trying to get confirmation they have received the images and the requested information. I haven’t had any NDRs to suggest any failed deliveries.

Does anyone know if there is an attachment size limit when emailing support?

Hi @JStewart,

Looks like the last reply was on the 5th. Then you replied for an update on the 7th and today as well. With the weekend, that puts us at 3 working business days. This with our enormous volume may mean it may be a day or two before they get back.

I can confirm the tickets replies are showing up and are attached correctly to the support ticket successfully. I do appreciate your patience as we worth through a growing backlog of tickets. Best thing is to not reply, as it may slow things down a little.


@Matt_Hartley, thanks for the reply. Glad everything is attached as that was really my only concern. Thanks for confirming the images are attached to the ticket. Thanks again.

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