[RESPONDED] Thunderbolt disconnects when reaching 100C

Hi, I got my framework on the 9 Jan. I have been using it to work and I noticed when the CPU reaches 100C it the power disconnects. The support was not helpful. Apparently, they forgot the information I already gave them. They suggested trying another distro than Ubuntu. I feel like the battery drain absurdly fast, and it is mediocre for the price tag. They need to improve their benchmark before saying their laptop handles different distros.

Well first off, hello and welcome.

Secondly, what are you doing that your CPUs reach 100°C?

Can you not find a better cooling method to get the CPU lower than that temperature on your workload?

I think it’s not a bad advice, because distros have different settings and different library/firmware versions.

Framework indeed does not try to sell a very competitive price tag for it’s power,- that’s just not the product focus.

What we (the community + framework) are doing here is creating a market where laptops do not need to be thrown away when a single part of them breaks or is not useful anymore.

If you bought your laptop hoping to get a good bang in the buck, I am not sure how well you researched before.

Thanks and have a good one!

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I was processing images, around 1GB, using a software called suite2P.

I am looking for cooling methods, but before doing that, I will try what the support suggested, and what the discord community (Linux) said, they are very helpfull. They mentioned that 6.0+ Linux kernels might handle this better.

I love the framework proposal, and I will not return my computer only because of that. I want this company to flourish and push new products. Hopefully, a battery upgrade.

All the best,
Sorry for the apocalyptic tone.

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Hi there on ubuntu mate 22.04 since september.
No ocer heating issue.
I can lauch metal gear solide 5 for 2 hours
See my review Somewhere on the forum

Your device seems to have a problem

Concerning power, I had major issue with a dying ugreen usb c cable.
My believe is that you neef to have good power usb c and charger for this laptop since they push the hardware quite to the limite

Need additional details please:

  • What is connected via TB?
  • Which generation? 11th or 12th?
  • Which distro? We offer support for Fedora and Ubuntu. That said, like any OS, issues to crop up and we do what we can to help our customers smooth those over. Ubuntu 22.04 will be the most stable.

I have similar issue, but on Windows 11, 12th gen i7 1280p.

During gaming, using eGPU (Razer Core X + GTX1660) my laptop would be scalding hot and had disconnects, constant thermal throttling. I remedied the temps by reducing enabled cores to 4p/2e. Games still run great, not needing all those cores, and my average temps are now 70C, boosting to 3.4GHz.
Problem is that my eGPU still disconnects in the middle of game (and only during game). I can see huge spikes in temperature of CPU when that happens. So from “background” 70C it jumps to nearly 100C and disconnects (or disconnects and jumps to 100C, hard to see, it happens super fast).

If I use connectors on other side of the laptop (right side) I get freezes no matter what I do (gaming or internet). And if I don’t disconnect eGPU within few sec - whole laptop freezes completely. Only hard reboot helps.

Additionally I have connected CalDigit TS4 dock. No issues with that.

I found this post because I was having a similar issue under high CPU usage. It turned out to be because I’d set the battery charge limit below 100% in the BIOS.

Thunderbolt disconnections on Arch Linux.

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All affected, please check your own charge limits and see if this is the case as well.

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