[RESPONDED] To what extent is Ubuntu23.04-Manual-Setup-13thGen applicable to 23.10?

I just installed Ubuntu 23.10 on a Laptop 13 with 13th Gen Intel.

I am a bit hesitant with the Ubuntu23.04-Manual-Setup-13thGen instructions since I don’t know to what extent is everything applicable to Ubuntu 23.10.


And then of course, 24.04 is just around the corner.


Welcome to the community!

We absolutely recommend using 22.04.4 LTS - it’s tested as officially supported and the kernel receives patches that will appear in 24.04.

My recommendation is:

  • 22.04.4 (fully updated, using the guide and making sure all steps are followed.)

  • Once 24.04 lands, it will be seeing patches for the first few weeks. My advice is sit on the older LTS for at least two weeks after 24.04 lands.

  • 23.10 has a super short shelf life left (July, very little value in installing it).

I see.

Well, at this point I might just as well stick with 23.10 until 24.04 lands.

While I appreciate your quick answer, my question is still not answered. I’m still hoping that someone else that installed 23.10 can answer.