[RESPONDED] Touchpad not detected on AMD + linux

I replaced a 12th gen mainboard with an AMD one.
The touchpad is not being detected - I’m forced to use a mouse.

At first I thought it would be my linux setup (which was the one I had before in the old system) so I upgraded Ubuntu 23.04 to 23.10 and the kernel to 6.6.13. Didn’t help.

Just tried a live Fedora 39 (as downloaded by Fedora Writer) and same problem.

I don’t think it’s the physical touchpad since the keyboard is working fine. When I say “not detected” I mean that there’s not even a cursor - which there would be (even if I was unable to move it) i the case of a broken but detectable touchpad.

Does this ring a bell?

You are on the latest BIOS already, right? If not; get upgraded to that first.
If you are then I would suggest checking the connector is firmly put in place. The touchpad should be working just fine in the Fedora 39 live environment.

Yes, 3.03.

It seems to be. Also, there’s only one connector, right? Unlikely the keyboard would work but the trackpad wouldn’t I think.

BTW is the trackpad supposed to work on the BIOS? It doesn’t for me, but maybe that’s the way it is.

It doesn’t work in BIOS. You can look in the kernel log for hints about what’s going wrong. It’s an i2c touchpad and the i2c-hid driver will be loaded for it.

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hi @Carlos_Fernandez_San
does this mean cursor only appears when usb mouse is attached, feels like loosed connection trackpad side.

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