[RESPONDED] Trackpad issues - Ubuntu 12th Gen i7

Just started using a 2022 purchase after my MBP decided it didn’t want to connect to the internet anymore, and it’s been fine bar a couple of super-frustrating trackpad/selection issues:

  1. Trackpad click sometimes doesn’t respond at all - even with screen button going ‘live’ indicating it’s recognised. Also sometimes, it works without a physical click, selecting/opening things that I didn’t want, when just hovering on or passing over with the cursor - it literally just opened Google Maps in place of this as I moved the cursor over my GM bookmark… Fortunately I culd return to a draft…

  2. Sometimes when selecting something in a Chrome window a new duplicate tab opens instead… ?? !!

Any ideas how to fix?


Hi @Adam_M ,

welcome back to the forums :slight_smile:

Try checking first with a clean Ubuntu 24.04 Live or Fedora 40 Live and see if the issue does persist.